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A Deer of Nine Colors V1.png

A Deer of Nine Colors

In ancient times, a merchant got lost in a great windstorm, but when he despairingly looked up to the sky, a spiritual deer with nine colors appeared to guide the man with directions.

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Mac Frost Studios.png

Mountain Dance

A traveler on a mountain path is caught by a group of trickster spirits. Now he must join a game of life and death, his fate hanging on one roll of a dice.

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The Stillness od Dawn.png

The Stillness of Dawn

In the stillness of dawn, where whispers sleep; A hushed symphony unfolds its tale; Casting shadows on dreams, where secrets keep; The world at rest, in tender light so frail.

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Sound of ley line.png

Sound of Ley Line

Beneath their tread, cryptic tremors pulse, secrets of ley lines awakening. In this shrouded world, an ethereal harmony intertwines a rhythm that mirrors dawn's elusive dance.

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Cyber Tribe.png

Cyber Tribe

Bound by invisible threads in the vast expanse of cyberspace, a tribe of common minds emerges, redefining identity beyond physical existence. They speak in light and codes and carve out a bewildering new world.

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In the hushed crypt, a specter stirs, marking the silent dawn of unspoken cognition. Amid the clandestine currents, a formless awareness manifests, pulsing to its inscrutable rhythm.

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Legacy's Embarnce.png

Legacy's Embrace

Face your hidden fears, and you may find your greatest treasure.

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Mr. Holøe's Window

The score was inspired by Carl Holsoe's (1863-1935) painting, "Open Window"

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Snow Fairy

Seagull saw the first flake fall, and smile. Where are you going? She was trying to gather all the light and shine it on your tomorrow.

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Frozen Earth

When frozen land lies asleep, it waiting for your warming call, to raise them from their beds, shimming in the haze of a low Arctic sun.....

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The Call of the Wild

Sun is the life where to start, growing from nowhere, while never stop looking the future.

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The War o Baiyue V2.png

The War of Baiyue

The "War of Baiyue"  is an imaginary score that describes the War of Baiyue (A story of an unbalanced war between the Yue Tribe and the emperor Qin by the Qin Dynasty, 20 millennium BC, Southern China).

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Wolong V3.png


He failed to complete his quest before death, which always makes heroes shed their tears like no other. - Wolong, Zhuge Liang  (181-234).

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Mac Frost Studios (1).png

Mystic Resonance

Beneath the allure, where the eye seldom peers, secrets are woven with whispers and tears. In every radiant beauty, shadows silently creep, holding tales of mysteries, both shallow and deep.

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Jack and Agatha

"Jack and Agatha" is a poignant musical composition that delves deep into the theme of maternal self-sacrifice. Masterfully played by the Budapest Art Orchestra, this piece captures the boundless love, unwavering dedication, and the silent sacrifices a mother makes for her child. 

Composition: Yiyang Zhou | Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra

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