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Yiyang Zhou is a Toronto-based screen composer who began his career as an in-house composer at Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2008. He specializes in a wide range of musical genres, including traditional and hybrid orchestras, modern chamber, and electronic, with a particular passion for developing a variety of unique palettes into storytelling contexts. While working on commercials, Yiyang has delivered hundreds of scores for advertising agencies and production houses, catering to top brands such as Porsche, Saleen, Michelin, HSBC, Phillips, Puma, Levi's, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and others.

​With over a decade of industry experience, Yiyang Zhou relocated to Canada in 2020 and is currently serving as the composer for Horizon Blockchain Games, on its flagship game, Skyweaver. Additionally, he collaborates closely with indie game developers, animators, and film directors, dedicated to bringing their visions to life.

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+1 (647)-612-7704

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