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Yiyang Zhou is a Chinese-Canadian composer, with the journey from the vibrant heart of Shanghai to the serene landscapes of Tasmania, and the dynamic multicultural tapestry of Toronto, Yiyang Zhou's story is as diverse and captivating as his compositions. He specializes in traditional and hybrid orchestras, modern chamber, and electronic, with a particular passion for developing a variety of unique palettes into storytelling contexts.


Beginning his career at Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2008 as an in-house composer, Zhou honed his craft, laying the groundwork for a portfolio as varied as the landscapes he's traversed. His ability to adapt and thrive across musical landscapes has been demonstrated through his work on commercials, leading to the creation of hundreds of scores for top advertising agencies and production houses. His compositions have supported iconic brands such as Porsche, Saleen, Michelin, and McDonald's, among others.


Throughout his transitions, Zhou has carried with him a piece of each place, integrating the traditional with the contemporary, the serene with the vibrant which invites listeners to embark on journeys shaped by memories, experiences, and stories.

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