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Mountain Dance

A traveller on a mountain path is caught by a group of trickster spirits. The spirits hand the traveller a dice with the letter 'death' on half the sides and the letter 'life' on the other. He is to roll the dice, and if it lands on life, he can safely cross the mountains. If the dice land on death, he must dance with them forever. The traveller throws the dice, unsure whether he will live to continue his life or join the spirits in his death. 

Film: Selina Baek | Composer: Yiyang Zhou

Jonas And The Sea

The 12-minute long film tells the story of Jonas, a boy who decided early on in life that there was but one place on earth he wanted to be: the sea. Jonas doesn’t strive to merely be observing it, neither would he be happy to just swim in it, no, Jonas really wants to be a part of it. He spends all of his time combing the beach for items he could use to build his outlandish inventions which he hopes will transport him into a new life amongst the fish. As time goes on and Jonas becomes an older man, he ultimately has to face up to the fact that sadly time is running out for him to make his dream come true…

Film: Marlies Van Der Wel | Re-composition: Yiyang Zhou

Swallow Dance

"Swallow Dance" is a sincere and honest culmination of themes centered around the experience of letting go. It is a visual expression of vulnerability, sacrifice, and union inspired by Japanese films, Claude Monet, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's "The Little Prince". The film is an attempt to understand what the act of 'healing' means for me and growing into my own self-worth, leading to this fantastical visual metaphor for emerging out of my shell with the imaginary guidance of a higher power. With this swallow dance, I release the full sincerity of my open heart.

Film: Dennis Tae Wook Kim | Composer: Yiyang Zhou | Lead Actor: Saori Nishihara | Illustrator: Yusaku Munakata

Dad, Where'd You Go?

A young girl named Lila, accompanied by the Liu family, explores the bustling streets of Shanghai on a motorcycle in search of her father. Along the way, Lila is captivated by the vivid sights and sounds of the city, from the cooking of Chinese street food to the drying of laundry on the streets. 

Film: Sasha Devillers | Song: 春风吻上了我的脸 | Composer in loving memory: Min Yao | Lyrics in loving memory: Dieyi Chen | Singer: Elaine Du | Arranger & Sound Design: Yiyang Zhou | Sound Design: Marvin Li 


It is an unforgettable moment that has lived in the southernmost natural spiritual city in the world - Hobart. A wonderful memory plays an animation re-scoring piece "DeSTiNY" with the University of Tasmania Conservatorium of Music, the conservatorium orchestra.

Film: Fabien Weibe l Re-composition: Yiyang Zhou l Orchestra: University of Tasmania Conservatorium Orchestra

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