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Dreamy Kalimba is not just another instrument; it's a piece of art sampled from the early limited handmade edition of Kalimba by the Australian boutique store BONDI. It carries with it a legacy of exceptional craftsmanship and passion.


Often referred to as the finger harp, the Kalimba is a singular virtual sample instrument, encapsulating the ethereal essence and ageless allure of its organic origins. With its distinctive timbre and resonance, the Dreamy Kalimba distinguishes itself from the ordinary. The moment you play the Dreamy Kalimba, you're transported to a world of tranquility. Its warm and soothing tones create an ambiance of relaxation, whether you're composing, meditating, or simply unwinding the Dreamy Kalimba is your perfect musical companion.

Dreamy Kalimba

C$8.00 Regular Price
C$6.40Sale Price
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